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PhD students presently supervised (at the Humboldt University at Berlin)

Kirstin Jansen (Stable isotopes as physiological markers for drought stress sensitivity)

Robert Hommel (Carbon and Water balance in beech dominated forests - mesophyll conductance and plant internal carbon allocation)

Katja Felsmann (Biodiversity - Ecosystem functioning: Drought and Carbon allocation)

Isabell von Rein (Above- and below-ground interaction and drought - interplay between plants and soil microorganisms)

Angelica Jaconi (Soil quality and carbon dynamics across scales)

Giacomo Lanza (charcoal and carbon stocks in agricultural soils)

Kai Nitzsche (Mechanisms driving the carbon balance in agricultural landscapes across scales - from soil organic matter fractions to isoscapes)

PostDocs at WSL

Lucia Galiano (Carbon storage and remobilization dynamics under drought and drought release)

Jobin Joseph (Nitrogen uptake and carbon transport in trees under drought)

PostDoc at ZALF

Gabriela Onandia (Novel Ecosystems and Biodiversity Ecosystem Functions)