Current Projects of Arthur Gessler

BASIL - Landscape-scale biodiversity and the balancing of provisioning, regulating and supporting ecosystem services.
BiodivERsA/FACCE-JPI project with partners from Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland. Start 2015

The effects of drought on the interplay between carbon and nitrogen relations in trees

Project approved and funded for 3 years by the Swiss National Fund (SNF); 2016-2019

Transitions from natural to domesticated environments and novel communities.
“Bridging in Biodiversity Science” Project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF). Start 2016

The SwissForestLab - The SwissForestLab is a research platform and infrastructural network. By making intensive use of synergies from the expertise in forest research in Switzerland we promote cooperative research in order to obtain an in-depth understanding of ecosystem functioning, resistance and resilience of forests. Strategic initiative of the WSL.

Continuous assessment of the origin of water taken up by trees - a real time laser spectrometer approach . Internally funded WSL - project

Daylight and climate change – Do evolutionary constraints on photoperiod and circadian clocks hinder adaptation and acclimation of plants to climate change? Preliminary approved by the Velux foundation